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Tell us a story about one of your best volunteer experiences!

“I first experienced the Tucson Meet Yourself festival as a young child back in the 1970’s, and for many years I attended the festival as a spectator. Several years ago, I was asked to present a booth introducing a foreign exchange student program. A year later, I found myself volunteering alongside students from France, Germany and South Korea. These foreign exchange students all agreed that volunteering at the festival was one of the best experiences they’d had while living in Tucson.  This feeling is shared by so many of our volunteers and my family too... The influence of this extraordinary “melting pot” here in Downtown Tucson has provided my husband and me with an avenue to teach our boys the importance of community involvement, while at the same time proudly showing them other examples of their Mexican, Filipino and Ulster-Scots cultures.” - Amelia R.

"The woman I help is in her 90s and she's a most delightful individual.  She is amazingly alert - except for one weakness - she is prone to getting involved in scams. During these past five years, she has been involved in payday loans and has succumbed to television and telephone scams, everything from bogus "medicine" to cure her ills, to ordering an expensive telephone that she did not know how to use. But overall, she has managed her finances quite well. Wherever I could, I took action to terminate these scams, and in doing so I learned a lot of how they operate. I hope that the experience insulates me from similar scams as I age." - A volunteer with Pima Council on Aging's Personal Budgeting Assistance Program

Volunteer coordinators and managers, tell us what you like about using this site to recruit volunteers and the other benefits of Volunteer Center membership!

“Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption has found that setting our agency up on the Volunteer Center at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is as easy as following the prompts and the information is nicely displayed when potential volunteers look for information about us. Agencies can upload pictures to show some of the work that we do with the help of volunteers. Once your agency is set up posting your volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Center is also a very simple process.  The volunteer opportunity is displayed to potential volunteers as soon as you submit it. As you post your agency needs, the title of the need will be displayed on the agency page under a "Get Involved"   Volunteer Opportunities heading so volunteers that are particularly interested in your agency can see all your current needs. There is a lot of help information available on the web site to guide you through the system and if there is a problem that you still cannot resolve there is a help desk as well. There is good customer support for the system.” 

"The Volunteer Center website has been an incredible asset for SARSEF.  Within two weeks of becoming members we had 10 volunteers sign up to help at our event - even though it was a full six months away!  Since then we have continued to gain well-qualified volunteers who are eager to help.  The combination of easy sign-up for nonprofits and straightforward registration for volunteers has made the new Volunteer Center system a complete success, and our investment paid off almost instantly.  We at SARSEF look forward to using the Volunteer Center for years to come!"

"Big Brothers Big Sisters has received 8 volunteer inquiries, for various needs, since signing up on the website about a month ago. Thank you!"

"Thank you United Way! Tucson Meet Yourself has been a member for a few years now and we know it is of great value to be connected to our local Tucson Volunteer Center.  We look forward to many more referrals as we seek to fill our 500+ volunteer positions for the 2014 festival." 

"The Humane Society of Southern Arizona thanks you for being such a strong supporter of volunteerism in Tucson. You and United Way do remarkable work!" 

Tu Nidito Children & Family Services is proud to be listed on the website for the Volunteer Center at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. We find many volunteers through our postings on the Volunteer Center site, and find the candidates are frequently good matches for our organization. It’s wonderful to have such a large clearinghouse for local volunteer opportunities, as it makes the process easy for incoming volunteers to find placements. We would have a very tough time finding all the volunteers we need without the Volunteer Center!”

Desert Ashram is beginning its third year with the Volunteer Center at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, as a successor to Volunteer Southern Arizona. The Volunteer Center at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona has carried forward the excellent service and is steadily improving upon it. Through our partnership with them we have been able to get much needed help in numerous areas: bookkeeping, clerical, IT support, gardening, cleaning and more. A very successful large group event took place this March and more are coming up. This is a genuine community partnership that helps everyone!”